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It's Everybody's Business


Artists X Local Business

The 'It's everybody's business' initiative offers a unique opportunity to bridge the worlds of local artists and businesses.

In this program, artists delve into the narrative of a business, exploring its day-to-day operations and illustrating its unique story through the creation of art. The integration of art as an integral part of the business not only captures habits, relationship dynamics, and special moments but also facilitates the business's connection with the community.

The activity not only crafts a fascinating and unique story, illustrated through art, but also creates a captivating monument that piques curiosity. When the artwork is displayed within the business premises, customers encounter the world of art and the business's story, sparking meaningful conversations and fostering a genuine connection with the local community.

'It's everybody's business' is a practical uniqueness, shaping the community space and redefining the business experience in a way that leaves a lasting impression and sparks curiosity.

Highlights from Our Recent Activity

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