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Plasticine for the Heart


Artists X You

Embark on a journey of creativity with our artists in collaboration with the 'Hosn Center in Sderot' through the distinctive workshop 'Plasticine for the Heart.' In this immersive session, we will be crafting designs using metallic clay, seamlessly blending the artful process with the cultivation of personal resilience.

Plasticine, a material both pliable and resilient, serves as the perfect medium for our exploration. Much like molding plasticine, our souls and cognitive strength possess the capacity for transformation into new forces and perspectives. Personal resilience, akin to plasticine, is dynamic, capable of both fortification and transformation. To fortify personal resilience, introspection and retrospection become paramount—a reflective gaze upon the past to discover strength in the present.

Observation becomes a profound form of learning, especially from personal and collective crises. Plasticine becomes the conduit through which we cast our lessons and the manifestations of our personal resilience. Our creations stand as prisms of strength, each glance serving as a charge to our spirits.

Highlights from Our Recent Activity

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