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  • Manage emergency aid to map and address the needs of community artists (in collaboration with the Israel National Artists' Association).

    • Facilitate equipment and materials to enable creative expression for trauma processing.

    • Raise funds to pay artists for leading workshops for community therapy and rehabilitation.

    • Connect artists and creative spaces hosting workshops throughout the country.

    • Develop and maintain an online platform for Gaza Envelope artists.

    • Sales exhibitions in galleries in Israel and worldwide.

    • Participation in fairs.

    • Fundraising for artist salaries to lead art workshops for community rehabilitation for the coming year.

    • Building partnerships with cultural institutions, museums, and foundations for the long term.

    • Budget for managing the artist community

Your donation will help us:

On Black Saturday, 7.10.23, we lost dear partners, wounded and traumatized, forcibly uprooted from our homes and scattered across the country.


Since then, UMM CULTURE activities have been dedicated to supporting and empowering artists on personal, communal, and professional levels. The association manages emergency aid to support the artists in the Gaza Envelope, facilitating access to equipment and art materials, resource mobilization, exhibitions, and donations to support the artists.​


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Connect with western Negev artists, participate in our activities, and contribute to the association.



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Our Partners and Supporters 

​Regional Cluster

of Western Negev

Shaar Hanegev

Regional Council

Clicka Shaar Hanegev

Sderot Municipality

Youth Center


Youth Center

Shaar Hanegev

Resilience Center


Resilience Center

Shaar Hanegev

The Gilda

in Eshkol

Craft House

Ashkelon Regional Council

Association of Plastic Artists

Reality Foundation

Shufuni (a community center in Sderot)

Part of strengthening community resilience involves artists workshops, initiating art projects in the community, while organizing festivals, art events and exhibitions.all these are lead by the association's artists.

The association was established in 2015 with the aim of promoting original work, while giving voice and presence to the region's unique character. The association seeks to form a community of artists that encourage creativity, entrepreneurship and community resilience. 

The home of the Western Negev's artists is a hub for more than 150 artists from a variety of disciplines.


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