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Board of Directors

Niva Reem 

Kamila Lands-Kind Milner

Michal Shamir

The late Hana Kotzer Sapir

Amira Dotan

Gili Zivan

Hila Peretz

Our hearts are filled with longing and gratitude for our dear administrative chairwoman, the late Hanna Kutzer Saphir. Hanna supported, believed in, and strengthened us from the beginning of the journey of 'Umm Kulthum.' We learned from Hanna the tools of mediation and communication that bring us closer, assisting us in our personal lives and the management of the association. Dear Hanna, thank you; you will be forever in our hearts.


Special thanks to the dear women of our hearts, Levnat Kutz and Tamar Kedem Shalom, both of blessed memory. They worked for the community and advanced the field of art as an integral part of daily life in the Gaza Envelope. Levnat was involved in establishing the 'Craft House' at the Sha'ar HaNegev entrance, and Tamar in the establishment and support of 'Gilda' - the artists' house in Eshkol.

With a heavy heart, we bid farewell to them. We will miss them greatly as we continue to work towards the realization of the vision of establishing an artists' house and a thriving community of artists in the Gaza Envelope.

Levnat Kutz was murdered on 7.10.23 together with her husband and children.

Tamar Kedem Shalom was murdered on 7.10.23 in her home, together with her husband and children.


Thank you to Ofir Livnehtsein, of blessed memory, the head of the Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council, for being the first to support the community of artists in the Gaza Envelope. For his outstanding efforts on behalf of the council's residents. For his good eye, pleasant approach, open door in the office, and in his heart.

Ofir Livnehtsein was murdered on 7.10.23 together with his son Nitzan Livnehtsein, of blessed memory.

In their Memory

בתרונות רוחמה 3.png

We are here because we believe that art can make a difference. As a team, we are comprised of artists from a variety of fields, therapists, and Western Negev enthusiasts.


A team of artists, led by Lior and Osi, has been formed to carry out projects driven by a vision for culture and education shared by the members of the team.


Executive Team

Limor Zarfaty Max

Co-founder & Artists' community Director

Sharon Ken Dor

Co-founder & management

Osi Geffen


Sofie Barzon Mackie


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